sexta-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2011

Creation Calls (Brian Doerksen)

I have felt the wind blow 
Whispering Your name 
I have seen Your tears fall 
When I watch the rain 

(Chorus 1)

How could I say there is no God

When all around creation calls 
A singing bird, a mighty tree
The vast expanse of open sea 

Gazing at a bird in flight

Soaring through the air 
Lying down beneath the stars 
I feel Your presence there

(Chorus 2)

I love to stand at ocean’s shore

And feel the thundering breakers roar 
To walk through golden fields of grain 
’Neath endless blue horizon’s frame

Listening to a river run 

Watering the earth 
Fragrance of a rose in bloom 
A newborn’s cry at birth 

(Chorus 1, Chorus 2) 

I believe, I believe 
I believe 

Water flowing over the edge of a rock precipice 
Turning misty white as it falls into the pool below 

Tall evergreens, at the river’s edge, standing on guard 
While a deer and fawn drink from the stream 

The smell of tilled earth, just after the rain 
A rainbow, dazzling natural colours 

The sight of a hawk 

as it circles in the thermal draughts of summer 
A flock of Canada geese flying in perfect formation 

Rising from the valley floor, rolling hills covered with trees 
Birch, maple, elm, beech turning fiery red, yellow and gold in the autumn air 

A leaf on its brief journey, twisting, turning, 

dancing its way to the ground 
Lifting our eyes, the mountains rise, trees giving way 

Giving way to rock, cliffs, ice glaciers 

and majestic jagged peaks 
As the sun slips behinf the horizon and night falls, 
The mountains become silent fortresses silouetted against 
The night sky, the countless stars shining in silent testimony 

Snowflakes, gently falling, falling, each unique, whispering 
“Remember the mercy of God ... remember the mercy ... ” 
Covering the world in white and then 
The quiet, quiet, quiet of creation at rest 


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